C3 Zurich Sunday Sermons

C3 Zurich Sunday Sermons

Welcome to the C3 Zurich Podcast! C3 Zurich is a church based in central Zurich, a comminuty of faith, hope and love. Here you can listen to our Sunday sermons which are bi-lingual in English and Swiss German.

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    Unstuck from Posessions

    In the final sermon of our "Unstuck" series, Simon is preaching to us about being stuck in our love of things.

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    Unstuck from Faliure part 2

    Following on from last week, Simon is preaching in our Unstuck series on the Parable of the Older Son

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    Unstuck from Faliure

    This week Matt is talking to us about getting Unstuck from faliure, through the Parable of the lost son

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    Unstuck from Risk

    This week Yann is preaching in our "Unstuck" series on taking risks in God

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    Unstuck from Avoidance

    Avoidance is something everyone struggles with. I mean, who wants to face hard situations? Won't they just disappear if we ignore them?

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    Unstuck - Roots of Bitterness

    Simon begins our new series "Unstuck" with the story of Naomi, focussing on the roots of bitterness

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    We Don't Talk About Singleness

    Today we have guest speaker Pam Borrow with us all the way from Sydney, to talk to us about living a life of singleness, and how we as a church community can embrace single people

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    Living as Shepherds

    This week, Simon is preaching on our "In not of" series, exploring the world of 1 Peter, and looking at how we can live as shepherds

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    Living Through Suffering

    Continuing with our "In not of" series, Simon is talking to us about living through suffering

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